Our programme

Our capacity development programme helps researchers build their human and relational capacity, while our research programmes (spearheads, seed projects and portfolios) build technical capacity.

By facilitating engagement and exchange between science and industry, Māori enterprise and other parts of the innovation ecosystem our programme supports innovation and the future direction of our economy.

Capacity development activities are integrated across all of our research teams to ensure the economic potential of the world-leading science and technology they develop is realised and not left in the lab. 

Programme activities

Our two-track approach provides researchers with a range of opportunities tailored to individual needs.

Track I: Learning by doing

The first track aims to integrate capacity development into the modus operandi of the research teams to promote ‘learning by doing’. This is complemented by the observational work undertaken by Portfolio 1, which provides real-time feedback.

Track II: Challenge-wide initiatives

The second track provides bespoke opportunities for researchers across the Challenge to develop relevant knowledge, skills and competencies as they progress along the innovation lifecycle. The programme leverages existing opportunities available through learning and development providers.

The multiple pathways to develop human and relational capacity include Vision Mātauranga, Policy and Governance, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organisation, Industry Knowledge and Insight and the Human Touch. As development requirements and opportunities are identified, new initiatives will be made available to researchers.