SfTI at a Glance video transcript


A title screen with a white background reads: “SfTI at a glance” in a turquoise font. The Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge logo is underneath. The title disappears and on the white screen an infographic appears piece by piece. The title ‘OUR PEOPLE’ appears in orange in the top left of the screen. Each of the three pieces to appear have simple graphics in turquoise and information in dark blue. On the left of the screen appears a drawing of a microscope and a set of test tubes and below ‘277 researchers’. The number 227 then counts up quickly until it reaches 465 and stops and the numbers darken. In the middle section of the screen, a drawing of three men with glasses and lab coats appear. Underneath it reads 57 Māori, 119 Women, and 85 emerging researchers. On the right side of the screen, we see a drawing of a building. Underneath it reads ‘40 organisations’ and below that ‘including 8 international’.

The screen fades, except for the ‘OUR PEOPLE’ header which remains. A vector shape of the map of New Zealand shaded in a turquoise colour appears in the centre of the screen. From here, circles appear on either side of the map with a triangle connecting it to a point on the map. They contain a number in large font and below the number the name of the place. First, two appear together, one of which has the number 152 and reads ‘Tamaki-Makau-Rau Auckland’. The other contains the number 3 and the words ‘Te Tai Tokerau Northland’. The two fade and a new one appears pointing lower with the number 24 reading ‘Waikato’. This fades and is replaced with two more, one with a 4 and ‘Taranaki’, and the next with a 19 and ‘Manawatu’. They fade and are replaced with one with a 10 reading ‘whakatu Nelson’. This one is replaced with a 23 reading ‘Te Moana-a-toi Bay of Plenty’, then 89 ‘Te whanga-nui-a-tara Wellington’, followed by 93 ‘Waitaha Canterbury’. The next two appear together, 2 ‘Murihiku Southland’ and 33 ‘Otakou Otago’. Lastly, a turquoise shaded circle appears to the right of the map with the triangle pointing off-screen with a 13 reading ‘international’.

The screen fades completely to white and the words ‘OUR PROJECTS’ appear centred on the screen in large capital letters. It shrinks and slides to the top left corner of the screen. The rest of the screen is divided into 4 quadrants by thin blue lines and the phrase ‘4 THEMES’ is written at the centre. In the top left quadrant is a 1 and an icon for a Marae. In the top right is a 2 and a robotic arm icon. In the bottom left is a 3 and an icon of a computer screen with a pencil and ruler coming out of the top of the screen. In the bottom right is a 4 with an icon of a tablet with a vector image for data connectivity on the screen. In a clockwise fashion, words start to appear under each quadrant’s image. Starting with 1, the words “Vision Matauranga” appear, then the words “Sensors, Robotics & Automation” under 2, “Materials, Manufacturing Technology & Design” under 3, and lastly “Data Science & Digital Technologies” under 4.

The graph fades and another appears with one vertical dividing line in the centre. On the line is a box with the words ‘STRETCH SCIENCE’. In the left section is a drawing of a legal pad with a gear superimposed over the bottom right corner. On the pad itself is a graph and pencil and lines on the paper to show writing. Underneath reads ‘Spearhead Projects’, and under it in a smaller font ‘large teams’. In the right section is a picture of a seedling in a mound of dirt. Underneath reads ‘Seed Projects’ and in a smaller font ‘small teams’. To the left of the words on both sides of the screen large numbers appear and start to count upwards, slowly on the left side and quickly on the right. The left one, next to ‘Spearhead Projects’ reaches 09 and the right one next to ‘Seed Projects’ reaches 69. The entire screen then fades to white.

The words ‘Our development’ appear large in the centre of the screen and then shrinks and slides to the top left corner of the screen. Just underneath a box appears which reads ‘Growing Our People’ and on the right of the screen is a drawing of three seedlings in various stages of growth, left to right from small and undeveloped to large and more developed. There is a watering can above them slightly tipped forward. A drawing of a water drop appears at the nozzle of the can and falls onto the largest seedling. The word ‘Commercialization’ appears on the left of the screen below the titles. Another drop falls and the word ‘Leadership’ appears underneath, forming a list on the left. With the next drop the words ‘Māori Economy’ are added, and then ‘Effective Communication’, and with the last drop ‘Stakeholder Engagement’.

This fades and the screen is divided into quadrants as before with the words ‘Our Attendance Record’ now in the middle. The quadrants fill in one by one, fading in slowly. First, in the top left is a drawing of a wrench and a screwdriver forming an X, the number 359, and the words ‘at 4 all-of-sfti workshops’. Next, in the top right is an icon of a book, the number 648, and the words ‘at 65 courses & workshops’. Then, in the bottom left is an icon for an easel with an image on it, the number 120 and the words ‘at 18 innovation showcases’. Lastly, the bottom right has an icon for a microphone, the number 156, and the words ‘at 37 conferences to network’. The quadrants and information fade out but the title ‘Our Development’ remains.

Finally, an icon of a Marae with some information appears on the screen. To the right of the icon the words ‘Vision Mātauranga’ appear. Underneath those words, ‘at 42 Māori Feature and Economy events’ fade in next to a series of numbers that counts up from 121 to 661. Then everything on the screen fades away.

The scene cuts to three logos. On top is one for the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge, and under it, side by side from left to right is one for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and then one for Callaghan Innovation with the subheading New Zealand’s Innovation Agency. The logos disappear revealing a web address in a turquoise font that reads stfichallenge.govt.nz.