Patent-searching workshop series

A thorough and accurate patent search can ensure you know if your work is truly unique. This can allow you to see how your research can offer the most impact in the future, by seeing how it fits into other work being done in a similar area.


In partnership with KiwiNet, SfTI is offering a patent-searching workshop series facilitated by Tim Stirrup, a Registered NZ and Australian Patent Attorney at Prime Innovation.

The Patent-searching workshop series will be delivered in 3 interactive online workshops of 1hr each, once a week. Tim will facilitate the group workshops and provide a 1:1 mentoring session to attendees straight after workshop 2. There will be some self-directed learning in between workshops for participants to put new knowledge into practice within their own fields of research.

Session 1: Wed 27 Oct 12-1pm
Session 2: Wed 3 Nov 12-2pm
Session 3: Tue 9 Nov 12-1pm 

After completing this course, attendees will:

  • Understand what patents are and how to access information about them
  • Appreciate the benefits of reviewing patents for research
  • Understand when to carry out a search, which type of search is appropriate and when to contact an IP professional
  • Prepare a search strategy which efficiently captures the patents relevant to an area of research
  • Complete a search using open-source patent databases
  • Evaluate the search results and obtain useful information from the patent specification
  • Refine patent search results by using a variety of optimisation techniques
  • Analyse patent data to gain insights into competitor strategy and technology trends
  • Understand the terminology to use in grant applications when referring to patents

This is available to all funded SfTI researchers. Numbers are limited, so if you would like to register and for more information or questions email with your name, location and phone number.

Registration closes on Wed 20 October 12pm