Clean Water Tech Mission

Photograph of the Whanagnui River, NZ

The Clean Water Tech Mission is one of several new topics being explored by SfTI as a big idea for Phase two (2019-2024).

Upcoming Clean Water Tech EoI

Over the last year SfTI has been exploring the development of a Mission called Clean Water Tech.

Expressions of interests (EoIs) to participate in the next stage of this Mission will open in late-December, and close in early February 2020 – these key dates will be confirmed and published when the EoI goes live. We will notify New Zealand research offices, and you can also follow us on Twitter @SfTIchallenge so you don’t miss any of these key updates.

About the EoI

The purpose of the EoI is to assemble researchers so that SfTI can form a ‘best’ research team to support the implementation of a new Spearhead project arising from the Clean Water Tech Mission. The EoI will outline who is eligible, how it works, and an application form. These will be made available on our website and distributed through New Zealand research offices from late-December.

What do we mean by Clean Water Tech?

‘Water’ in this context relates primarily to bodies such as streams, lakes and inshore marine environments. The scope includes related science and technology aimed at improving water quality, such as monitoring, robotics and direct prevention of contamination.

Mission aims

Ultimately, this technology mission will meet all, or most of the following criteria:

  • is relevant to Vision Mātauranga, i.e. to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people
  • involves new, emerging and potentially world-leading technologies
  • involves technologies that can be applied in a unique way in NZ to generate longer term economic growth for NZ
  • takes advantage of an opportunity or set of conditions unique to NZ
  • makes good scientific sense to carry out original research in NZ; and
  • builds capability in clean water tech, an area in which NZ can’t afford not to have expertise.

More information

  • You can also find out more about the current Spearhead projects, and how we form our Spearhead development projects here.
  • SfTI will be releasing a further EoIs in the coming months, keep an eye out on our website and follow us on Twitter @SfTIchallenge so you don’t miss any of these key updates.
  • Further information on our plans for Phase two (Tranche two funding) are outlined in our Forward Strategy which can be read in either its summary, or full form as submitted to MBIE.

Image: Whanganui River, NZ

Date posted: 26/11/2019