Building New Zealand’s innovation capacity

This longitude research will continue over the 10-year lifetime of SfTI and will examine human capacity (people and their skills), and relational capacity (networks between researchers and industry), within New Zealand’s innovation system.

A team led by Dr Katharina Ruckstuhl and Associate Professor Urs Daellenbach are examining the connections between New Zealand’s physical science and engineering researchers, Māori enterprises and business organisations to understand in greater detail how co-innovation happens.

This Spearhead project is an unprecedented effort to attempt to understand how researchers and industry work together to innovate – and to point the way forward for more productive collaboration that could boost our innovation performance.

To do this they are evaluating how researchers and industry collaborate on SfTI’s Spearhead (large) and Seed (small) projects. The aim is to understand what works best in the New Zealand context, evaluate the effectiveness of our work, and learn from it as we go.

The research represents the first significant examination of how researchers and Māori businesses interact and how cultural capacity is built in the innovation ecosystem. Findings will be shared with the wider science community on an ongoing basis.

The team

  • Spearhead co-leader,  Dr Katharina Ruckstuhl, Ngāi Tahu Rangitāne. University of Otago – Leader, Māori innovation, Mātauranga Māori, Māori Small Business
  • Spearhead co-leader, Associate Professor Urs Daellenbach, Victoria University of Wellington – Head of School, School of Management