Values and principles
Ā Tātou Whanonga Pono

Collaboration and openness - Mahi Tahi

The diagram shows Science, Māori and industry working seamlessly together.Science, Māori and industry working seamlessly together

We are team players. Team supporters. Have national and international partnerships. Always add new contacts and networks. Learn the working language of our partners. Listen respectfully to everyone. Give and receive constructive feedback. Are discreet and tactful with sensitive issues. Value and support diversity. Use processes that work for people. Recognise team members, no matter the size of their contribution. Celebrate colleagues’ successes. Are great to work with.

Adventure - Me Māui-tikitiki-a-Taranga

The diagram shows a path between two trees, leading up a snow-capped mountain.Stretch science

We set bold challenges. Take risks. Don’t fear failure. Ask brave questions - of ourselves and others. Embrace new ideas and approaches. Are nimble and agile. Resourceful in challenges. Act on Māori and Industry expertise.

Responsibility - Manaaki

The diagram shows a seedling in the ground.Act with integrity and honour

We feel responsible for the quality of our work. Look after fellow team members. Let evidence guide our decisions. Transparent. Lawful. Compliant with health & safety practices. Financially responsible. Legally protect our ideas and inventions.

Excellence - Kairangi

The diagram shows a star to represent excellence.Thrive at the international frontier of innovation

We form best teams comprised of Science, Māori and Industry. Use and develop leading-edge technology. Incorporate the best Māori and Industry knowledge. Holistic, systems thinkers. Actively expand our capabilities through capacity development. Help develop others. Transform ‘failing’ into learning. Always adopt the best information.

Impact - Hua Rawa

The diagram shows a lightbulb that has been turned on.Supercharge New Zealand’s future economy through technological innovation

We envision the commercial potential of our work. Prioritise ‘NZ Inc.’ Understand what stakeholders and future customers want and need. Skilfully communicate the value of our innovations. Maximise economic relevance through co-innovation with Māori and Industry. Create new value chains and value networks. Commercialise our creations. Internationalise innovations. Publish and publicise. Allow others to build on our ideas.