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A Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Large Volume Needle-Free Jet Injection N.N. L.; A.J. Taberner; B.P. Ruddy 2019 IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
A novel monocular calibration method for underwater vision measurement Z. Chen; R. Wang; W. Ji; M. Zong; T. Fan; H. Wang 2019 Multimedia Tools and Applications
A Reliable Strategy for Improving Automatic First‐Arrival Picking of High‐Noise Three‐Component Microseismic Data H. Li; X. Tuo; R. Wang; J. Courtois 2019 Seismological Research Letters
A survey on evolutionary machine learning H. Al-Sahaf; Y. Bi; Q. Chen; A. Lensen; Y. Mei; Y. Sun; B. Tran; B. Xue; M. Zhang 2019 Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand
An In Vitro Investigation of Cytotoxic Effects of InP/Zns Quantum Dots with Different Surface Chemistries D. Ayupova; G. Dobhal; G. Laufersky; T. Nann; R.V. Goreham 2019 Nanomaterials
Background-Foreground Interaction for Moving Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes Z. Chen; R. Wang; Z. Zhang; H. Wang; L. Xu 2019 Information Sciences
Building Entrepreneurial Behaviours in Academic Scientists: Past Perspective and New Initiatives C. O’Kane; J.A. Zhang; U. Daellenbach; S. Davenport 2019 Entrepreneurial Behaviour
Cardiac Electrical Modeling for Closed-loop Validation of Implantable Devices W. Ai; N.D. Patel; P. Roop; A. Malik; M.L. Trew 2019 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Comparison of replica leaf surface materials for phyllosphere microbiology R. Soffe; N. Altenhuber; M. Bernach; M.N.P. Remus-Emsermann; V. Nock 2019 PLoS ONE
Design and Evaluation of Braced Touch for Touchscreen Input Stabilisation A. Cockburn; D. Masson; C. Gutwin; P. Palanquea; A. Goguey; M. Yung; C. Gris; C. Trask 2019 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
Developing an Integrated Ocean Observing System for New Zealand J. O’Callaghan; C. Stevens; M. Roughan; C. Cornelisen; P. Sutton; S. Garrett; G. Giorli; R.O. Smith; K.I. Currie; S.H. Suanda; M. Williams; M. Bowen; D. Fernandez; R. Vennell; B.R. Knight; P. Barter; P. McComb; M. Oliver; M. Livingston; P. Tellier; A. Mei 2019 Frontiers in Marine Science
Dictionary-based active learning for sound event classification W. Ji; R. Wang; J. Ma 2019 Multimedia Tools and Applications
Does Positive Relational Management Benefit Managers Higher Up the Hierarchy? A Moderated Mediation Study of New Zealand Managers Haar, J., di Fabio, A. & Daellenbach, U. 2019 Sustainability
Experimental test of birdcall detection by autonomous recorder units and by human observers using broadcast I. Castro; A. De Rosa; N. Priyadarshani; L. Bradbury; S. Marsland 2019 Ecology and Evolution
Extracellular Vesicles: Nature’s Own Nanoparticles R.V. Goreham; Z. Ayed; D. Ayupova; G. Dobhal 2019 Comprehensive Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Giving Science Innovation Systems a 'Nudge' de Jong, K., Daellenbach, U., Davenport, S., Haar, J. & Leitch, S. 2019 Technology Innovation Management Review
Glucose Sensor Using Redox Active Oligonucleotide-Templated Silver Nanoclusters K.L. Schroeder; R.V. Goreham; T. Nann 2019 Nanomaterials
Insulin Units and Conversion Factors: A Story of Truth, Boots, and Faster Half-Truths J.L. Knopp; L. Holder-Pearson; J.G. Chase 2019 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Learnt dictionary based active learning method for environmental sound event tagging X. Qin; W. Ji; R. Wang; C. Yuan 2019 Multimedia Tools and Applications
Light Attenuation Display: Subtractive See-Through Near-Eye Display via Spatial Color Filtering Y. Itoh; T. Langlotz; D. Iwai; K. Kiyokawa; T. Amano 2019 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Micropatterning of hybrid polydimethylsiloxane for replica leaves M. Bernach; R. Soffe; M.N.P. Remus-Emsermann; V. Nock 2019 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
Multi-scale Hierarchical Residual Network for Dense Captioning Y. Tian; X. Wang; J. Wu; R. Wang; B. Yang 2019 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Particle swarm optimization with damping factor and cooperative mechanism M. He; M. Liu; R. Wang; X. Jiang; B. Liu; H. Zhou 2019 Applied Soft Computing
Preaching Voxels: An Alternative Approach to Mixed Reality H. Regenbrecht; J.-W. Park; C. Ott; S. Mills; M. Cook; T. Langlotz 2019 Frontiers in ICT
Predictive modeling of drug effects on electrocardiograms T. Peng; M.L. Trew; A. Malik 2019 Computers in Biology and Medicine
Recognising and valuing Māori innovation in the high-tech sector: A capacity approach Ruckstuhl, K., Haar, J., Amoamo, M., Hudson, M., Waiti, J., Ruwhiu, D. & Daellenbach, U. 2019 Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 49(TUIA250)
Relational recurrent neural networks for polyphonic sound event detection J. Ma; R. Wang; W. Ji; H. Zheng; E. Zhu; J. Yin 2019 Multimedia Tools and Applications
Research and Development Absorptive Capacity: A Māori Perspective Ruckstuhl, K., Amoamo, M., Hart, N. Martin, W-J., Keegan, T-T. & Pollock, R. 2019 Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences
Resonant model—A new paradigm for modeling an action potential of biological cells S. Sehgal; N.D. Patel; A. Malik; P.S. Roop; M.L. Trew 2019 PLoS ONE
Subcutaneous nicotine delivery via needle-free jet injection: A porcine model B.P. Ruddy; C. Bullen; J.T.W. Chu; S.H. Jeong; B. Madadkhahsalmassi; J.W. Mckeage; D. Svirskis; M.D. Tingle; J. Xu; A.J. Taberner 2019 Journal of Controlled Release
The Role of Relationships at Work and Happiness: A Moderated Moderated Mediation Study of New Zealand Managers J. Haar; A. Schmitz; A. Di Fabio; U. Daellenbach 2019 Sustainability
Time-aware Distributed Service Recommendation with Privacy-preservation L. Qi; R. Wang; C. Hu; S. Li; Q. He; X. Xu 2019 Information Sciences
Towards Point-of-Care Insulin Detection. R. Soffe; V. Nock; J.G. Chase 2019 ACS Sensors
TrackCap P. Mohr; M. Tatzgern; T. Langlotz; A. Lang; D. Schmalstieg; D. Kalkofen 2019
Viscous Heating Assists Jet Formation During Needle-free Jet Injection of Viscous Drugs R. Williams; J.W. McKeage; B.P. Ruddy; P.F. Nielsen; A. Taberner 2019 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
A 3D insulin sensitivity prediction model enables more patient-specific prediction and model-based glycaemic control V. Uyttendaele; J.L. Knopp; K.W. Stewart; T. Desaive; B. Benyó; N. Szabó-Némedi; A. Illyés; G.M. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2018 Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
A Generalized Simulation Framework for Tethered Remotely Operated Vehicles in Realistic Underwater Environments O. Ganoni; R. Mukundan; R. Green 2018 Drones
A machine learning approach to reconstruction of heart surface potentials from body surface potentials A. Malik; T. Peng; M.L. Trew 2018 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology
A Parametric Computational Model of the Action Potential of Pacemaker Cells W. Ai; N.D. Patel; P.S. Roop; A. Malik; S. Andalam; E. Yip; N. Allen; M.L. Trew 2018 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
A Review of Simulation Usage in the New Zealand Electricity Market G. Zakeri; G. Pritchard 2018 Statistics and Simulation
A Review of the Effects of Droplet Size and Flow Rate on the Chargeability of Spray Droplets in Electrostatic Agricultural Sprays S.L. Post; R.L. Roten 2018 Transactions of the ASABE
Allocation flexibility for agribusiness supply chains under market demand disruption G. Behzadi; M.J. O’Sullivan; T.L. Olsen; A. Zhang 2018 International Journal of Production Research
Assessment of the Dynamic Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity Test (DISST) Pre and Post Gastric bypass Surgery. J. Wilson; P. Docherty; R. Stubbs; J.G. Chase; J. Krebs 2018 Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes
Autoregressive Modeling of Drift and Random Error to Characterize a Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitoring Sensor T. Zhou; J.L. Dickson; J.G. Chase 2018 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Bond Graph Model of Cerebral Circulation: Toward Clinically Feasible Systemic Blood Flow Simulations S. Safaei; P.J. Blanco; L.O. Müller; L.R. Hellevik; P.J. Hunter 2018 Frontiers in Physiology
Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots as Fluorescent Labels for Exosomes G. Dobhal; D. Ayupova; G. Laufersky; Z. Ayed; T. Nann; R.V. Goreham 2018 Sensors
ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness T. Langlotz; J. Sutton; S. Zollmann; Y. Itoh; H. Regenbrecht 2018
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Measures Can Be Used for Glycemic Control in the ICU: An In-Silico Study T. Zhou; J.L. Dickson; G.M. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2018 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Creating smooth SI. B-spline basis function representations of insulin sensitivity K.W. Stewart; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2018 Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
Critical setup parameter for ultrafast whitelight coherent antistokes raman scattering spectroscopy of living plankton in sea water A. Risos; N.G.R. Broderick; D.E. Williams; M.C. Simpson 2018
Direction of Arrival Estimation Using a Circularly Moving Microphone Y. Hioka; R. Drage; T. Boag; E. Everall 2018
Durable relationship prediction and description using a large dynamic graph R. Wang; W. Ji; B. Song 2018 World Wide Web
Effective Conversion of Amide to Carboxylic Acid on Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM-1) with Nitrous Acid W.-H. Wu; P. Thomas; P. Hume; J. Jin 2018 Membranes
Effective increase in permeability and free volume of PIM copolymers containing ethanoanthracene unit and comparison between the alternating and random copolymers L. Starannikova; N. Belov; V. Shantarovich; J. Zhang; J. Jin; Y. Yampolskii 2018 Journal of Membrane Science
Efficient kNN Classification With Different Numbers of Nearest Neighbors S. Zhang; X. Li; M. Zong; X. Zhu; R. Wang 2018 IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
Generalisability of a Virtual Trials Method for Glycaemic Control in Intensive Care J.L. Dickson; K.W. Stewart; C.G. Pretty; M. Flechet; T. Desaive; S. Penning; B.C. Lambermont; B. Beny; G.M. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2018 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Governance of market-oriented fresh food value chains: export chains from New Zealand J. Trienekens; M. van Velzen; N. Lees; C. Saunders; S. Pascucci 2018 International Food and Agribusiness Management Review
Hybrid conditional random field based camera-LIDAR fusion for road detection L. Xiao; R. Wang; B. Dai; Y. Fang; D. Liu; T. Wu 2018 Information Sciences
Improving glycemic control in critically ill patients: personalized care to mimic the endocrine pancreas J.G. Chase; T. Desaive; J. Bohe; M. Cnop; C. De Block; J. Gunst; R. Hovorka; P. Kalfon; J. Krinsley; E. Renard; J.-C. Preiser 2018 Critical Care
Interpretation of Retrospective BG Measurements K.W. Stewart; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2018 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Joint self-representation and subspace learning for unsupervised feature selection R. Wang; M. Zong 2018 World Wide Web
LOOP Descriptor: Local Optimal-Oriented Pattern T. Chakraborti; B. McCane; S. Mills; U. Pal 2018 IEEE Signal Processing Letters
Model-Based Insulin-Nutrition Administration for Glycemic Control in Malaysian Critical Care: First Pilot Trial A. Abu-Samah; N.H. Ahamad; N.N. Razak; F.M. Suhaimi; U.K. Jamaluddin; A.M. Ralib; M.B. Mat-Nor; C.G. Pretty; J.L. Dickson; G. Chase 2018 2nd International Conference for Innovation in Biomedical Engineering and Life Sciences
Next-generation, personalised, model-based critical care medicine: a state-of-the art review of in silico virtual patient models, methods, and cohorts, and how to validation them J.G. Chase; J.-C. Preiser; J.L. Dickson; A. Pironet; Y.S. Chiew; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw; B. Benyo; K. Moeller; S. Safaei; M. Tawhai; P. Hunter; T. Desaive 2018 BioMedical Engineering OnLine
Non-contact Quantification of Jugular Venous Pulse Waveforms from Skin Displacements E.J.L.P. Tang; A. HajiRassouliha; M.P. Nash; P.M.F. Nielsen; A.J. Taberner; Y.O. Cakmak 2018 Scientific Reports
Nutrition delivery of a model-based ICU glycaemic control system K.W. Stewart; J.G. Chase; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw 2018 Annals of Intensive Care
Nutrition delivery, workload and performance in a model-based ICU glycaemic control system K.W. Stewart; J.G. Chase; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw 2018 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
On risk averse competitive equilibrium H. Gérard; V. Leclère; A. Philpott 2018 Operations Research Letters
On the Soundness of Call Graph Construction in the Presence of Dynamic Language Features - A Benchmark and Tool Evaluation L. Sui; J. Dietrich; M. Emery; S. Rasheed; A. Tahir 2018 Programming Languages and Systems
Parametric Modeling of Electrocardiograms using Particle Swarm optimization T. Peng; M. Trew; A. Malik 2018 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology
Payment mechanisms for electricity markets with uncertain supply R. Cory-Wright; A. Philpott; G. Zakeri 2018 Operations Research Letters
Power-efficient controlled jet injection using a compound ampoule J.W. McKeage; B.P. Ruddy; P.M.F. Nielsen; A.J. Taberner 2018 Journal of Controlled Release
Reducing the Attentional Demands of In-Vehicle Touchscreens with Stencil Overlays A. Cockburn; D. Woolley; K.T.P. Thai; D. Clucas; S. Hoermann; C. Gutwin 2018
Rewarding responsible innovation when consumers are distant from producers: evidence from New Zealand P. Dalziel; C. Saunders; P. Tait; J. Saunders; S. Miller; M. Guenther; P. Rutherford; T. Driver 2018 International Food and Agribusiness Management Review
Robust Multi-View Continuous Subspace Clustering J. Ma; R. Wang; W. Ji; J. Zhao; M. Zong; A. Gilman 2018 Pattern Recognition Letters
Shifting Interpolation Kernel Toward Orthogonal Projection B. Sadeghi; R. Yu; R. Wang 2018 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
Spatial-temporal multi-task learning for salient region detection Z. Chen; R. Wang; M. Yu; H. Gao; Q. Li; H. Wang 2018 Pattern Recognition Letters
Structural and chemical changes of cellulose fibres under low energy ion implantations J. Leveneur; A. Rajan; J. McDonald-Wharry; M.-J. Le Guen; K. Pickering; J. Kennedy 2018 Surface and Coatings Technology
The effect of jet speed on large volume jet injection J.W. Mckeage; B.P. Ruddy; P.M.F. Nielsen; A.J. Taberner 2018 Journal of Controlled Release
The Need to Calculate Target Glucose Levels When Measuring Changes in Insulin Sensitivity During Interventions for Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes N.A. Othman; P.D. Docherty; J.D. Krebs; D.A. Bell; J.G. Chase 2018 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
The Role of R&D Partnerships and Firm Size in Product Innovation: A Study of New Zealand Firms J. Haar; U.S. Daellenbach; S. Davenport; K. Ruckstuhl; C. O Kane; D.R. Ruwhiu 2018 Academy of Management Proceedings 
A Critical Update on the Synthesis of Carboxylated Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (C-PIMs) B. Santoso; P. Yanaranop; H. Kang; I.K.H. Leung; J. Jin 2017 Macromolecules
Accuracy and performance of continuous glucose monitors in athletes F. Thomas; C.G. Pretty; M. Signal; G. Shaw; J.G. Chase 2017 Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
An Auto-regressive Model for an Arterial Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor T. Zhou; J. Dickson; J.G. Chase 2017 IFAC-PapersOnLine
Continuous glucose monitoring in neonates: a review C.J.D. McKinlay; J.G. Chase; J. Dickson; D.L. Harris; J.M. Alsweiler; J.E. Harding 2017 Maternal Health, Neonatology and Perinatology
Delivery of immunoreactive antigen using a controllable needle-free jet injector N.C. Hogan; M.N. Anahtar; A.J. Taberner; I.W. Hunter 2017 Journal of Controlled Release
Design of a linear permanent magnet synchronous motor for needle-free jet injection N.N. L.; A.J. Taberner; B.P. Ruddy 2017
Developing Absorptive Capacity for Midstream Science in Open Innovation Contexts Daellenbach, U., Davenport, S. & Ruckstuhl, K 2017 International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, 15(4): 447-462
Estimation of consumer willingness‐to‐pay for social responsibility in fruit and vegetable products: A cross‐country comparison using a choice experiment S. Miller; P. Tait; C. Saunders; P. Dalziel; P. Rutherford; W. Abell 2017 Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Feasibility of Magnetic Signature-based Detection of Low and High Impedance Faults in Low-voltage Distribution Networks A.I. Sifat; F.S. McFadden; A. Ahmed; R. Rayudu; A. Hunze 2017
Insulin sensitivity and sepsis score: A correlation between model-based metric and sepsis scoring system in critically ill patients F.M. Suhaimi; J.G. Chase; C.G. Pretty; G.M. Shaw; N.N. Razak; U.K. Jamaludin 2017 Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
Model-based glycaemic control: methodology and initial results from neonatal intensive care J.L. Dickson; J.G. Chase; A. Lynn; G.M. Shaw 2017 Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik
On the construction of soundness oracles J. Dietrich; L. Sui; S. Rasheed; A. Tahir 2017
On the Use of Mined Stack Traces to Improve the Soundness of Statically Constructed Call Graphs L. Sui; J. Dietrich; A. Tahir 2017
Optimization of Portable Electronically Controlled Needle-Free Jet Injection Systems B.P. Ruddy; A.W. Dixon; R.M.J. Williams; A.J. Taberner 2017 IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
Oral dextrose gel to improve survival in less vigorous newborn triplet lambs: a randomised controlled trial J.E. Hegarty; J.E. Harding; M.H. Oliver; G. Gamble; J.L. Dickson; G. Chase; A.L. Jaquiery 2017 New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
Robust and resilient strategies for managing supply disruptions in an agribusiness supply chain G. Behzadi; M.J. O'Sullivan; T.L. Olsen; F. Scrimgeour; A. Zhang 2017 International Journal of Production Economics
Self-organising temporal pooling D. Slack; B. McCane; A. Knott 2017 2017 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)
Single and Multisettlement Approaches to Market Clearing Under Demand Uncertainty J. Khazaei; G. Zakeri; S.S. Oren 2017 Operations Research
Speaker identification features extraction methods: A systematic review S.S. Tirumala; S.R. Shahamiri; A.S. Garhwal; R. Wang 2017 Expert Systems with Applications
Static Checking for Multiple Start of Threads in a Type-Safe Multithreaded Java. Z. Iranmanesh; M.S. Fallah 2017 The Journal of Object Technology
Supply Function Equilibrium with Taxed Benefits K. Ruddell; A.B. Philpott; A. Downward 2017 Operations Research
Synthesis and characterization of novel Tröger’s base containing polymers from commercial available diamines Z. Wu; J. Jin 2017 Macromolecular Research
Traversing the valley of glycemic control despair J.G. Chase; J.L. Dickson 2017 Critical Care
Untangling glycaemia and mortality in critical care V. Uyttendaele; J.L. Dickson; G.M. Shaw; T. Desaive; J.G. Chase 2017 Critical Care
Virtual Trials of the NICE-SUGAR Protocol: The Impact on Performance of Protocol and Protocol Compliance V. Uyttendaele; J.L. Dickson; G. Shaw; T. Desaive; J.G. Chase 2017 IFAC-PapersOnLine
XCorpus – An executable Corpus of Java Programs. J. Dietrich; H. Schole; L. Sui; E. Tempero 2017 The Journal of Object Technology
A Device for Controlled Jet Injection of Large Volumes of Liquid J.W. Mckeage; B.P. Ruddy; P.M.F. Nielsen; A.J. Taberner 2016 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)
Analysis of Moving-Coil Actuator Jet Injectors for Viscous Fluids R.M.J. Williams; B.P. Ruddy; N.C. Hogan; I.W. Hunter; P.M.F. Nielsen; A.J. Taberner 2016 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Blood Glucose Levels of Subelite Athletes During 6 Days of Free Living F. Thomas; C.G. Pretty; T. Desaive; J.G. Chase 2016 Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Characterization of needle-assisted jet injections X. Li; B. Ruddy; A. Taberner 2016 Journal of Controlled Release
Efficacy and Safety of SPRINT and STAR Protocol on Malaysian Critically-Ill Patients N. Ahamad; N. Razak; U. Jamaluddin; F. Suhaimi; C. Pretty; G. Chase; A. Ralib; B.M. Noor 2016
Electricity retail contracting under risk-aversion A. Downward; D. Young; G. Zakeri 2016 European Journal of Operational Research
Estimation of the Insulin Sensitivity Profile for the Stochastic Variant of the ICING Model B. Paláncz; K. Stewart; J. Homlok; C.G. Pretty; J.G. Chase; B. Benyó 2016
Generalizability of a Nonlinear Model-based Glycemic Controller K. Stewart; C.G. Pretty; F. Thomas; G.M. Shaw; T. Desaive; B. Benyo; J. Homlok; A. Illyes; N.S. Nemedi; J.G. Chase 2016 IFAC-PapersOnLine
Incorporating bolus and infusion pharmacokinetics into the ICING insulin model L. Fisk; P.D. Docherty; C. Pretty; J.G. Chase 2016 Mathematical Biosciences
Integrating Consumption and Reserve Strategies for Large Consumers in Electricity Markets N. Cleland; G. Zakeri; G. Pritchard; B. Young 2016 Computational Management Science
Joint User Knowledge and Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems Y. Yu; Y. Gao; H. Wang; R. Wang 2016 Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2016
Performance of STAR Virtual Trials for Diabetic and Non-Diabetic in HTAA Intensive Care Unit U.K. Jamaludin; F. Dzaharudin; M.L. H; W.Z.W.M. Zulkifly; A.M. Ralib; M.B.M. Nor; N.N.A. Razak; F.M. Suhaimi; C.G. Pretty 2016
Roadmap for cardiovascular circulation model S. Safaei; C.P. Bradley; V. Suresh; K. Mithraratne; A. Muller; H. Ho; D. Ladd; L.R. Hellevik; S.W. Omholt; J.G. Chase; L.O. Müller; S.M. Watanabe; P.J. Blanco; B. de Bono; P.J. Hunter 2016 The Journal of Physiology
Safety, efficacy and clinical generalization of the STAR protocol: a retrospective analysis K.W. Stewart; C.G. Pretty; H. Tomlinson; F.L. Thomas; J. Homlok; S.N. Noémi; A. Illyés; G.M. Shaw; B. Benyó; J.G. Chase 2016 Annals of Intensive Care
Stochastic Simulation and Parameter Estimation of the ICING Model**Research is supported by EU FP7 IRSES, Engineering Technology based Innovation in Medicine, Grant No. 318943 and Hungarian National Scientific Research Foundation, Grant No. K116574. B. Paláncz; K. Stewart; J. Homlok; C.G. Pretty; J.G. Chase; B. Benyó 2016 IFAC-PapersOnLine