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Contact the Science for Technological Innovation - National Science Challenge team. 

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Physical address: Asteron Centre, Level 14, 55 Featherston St, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


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Or call: Jess Maccagno - Manager Insights, Communications and Mission Influence:
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Latest news and updates

Meet the researchers: Janet Stephenson - At the flick of a switch

Electricity costs are a significant burden for many farms, especially those that run extensive irrigation and dairying operations.

Could a re-jig of when the switches are flicked bring farmers big savings?

Meet the researchers: John Cater - Origami in the sky

New Zealand is small, but we control an enormous stretch of ocean that’s around 15 times bigger – more than 4 million square kilometres.

How can we keep eyes on all that water?

Meet the researchers: Julie Choisne - One step at a time

In New Zealand children with cerebral palsy are not physically assessed until age six, in part because they need to be able to keep very still while 40 markers are exactingly fitted to their legs, and then be able to follow precise instructions about where and how to move in a purpose-built facility.

SfTI’s Julie Choisne is working on an alternative system that’s quick, mobile, inexpensive, and easy to fit to a child of any age.