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Emma Peel

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Tel: +64 4 931 3786

The NSC SfTI programme office is part of the Callaghan Innovation campus.

Address: 69 Gracefield Rd, Gracefield, Wellington 5010, New Zealand.

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Your heart on a data chip

SfTI Seed researcher Avinash Malik has developed an approach that could allow cardiologists to fine-tune pacemakers to an individual's needs without invasive and painful surgery.

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Meet the researchers: Your heart on a chip

There are thousands of lines of code inside a cardiac implantable device, like a pacemaker, and that software is kept busy just trying not to over-react to the day-to-day heart rhythm changes a person goes through as they walk around, climb a few stairs, get cold, read a book, get a big fright or sleep.