Capacity to grow

24 November 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Hero image for news page 2016 sfti capacity development workshop

Challenge researchers who want to build their innovation capabilities will be pleased to know our capacity development programme is offering a diverse range of opportunities.

Capacity Development Advisor Andy Traveller says the Stakeholder engagement and Vision Mātauranga workshops held in 2016 were a great success.

“Most of the 60 participants reported what they learnt as being very beneficial.

“The focus this year will be two-fold. We want to encourage researchers who haven’t completed these two foundation workshops to do so, and enable those who have to move to the next level of their individual learning pathway.”

To this end, there are already a number of capacity development activities in the pipeline over the coming months, including an opportunity to attend the foundation workshops for those that have not yet done so.

Andy says the foundation workshops are valuable in themselves but that personalised professional development requires an ongoing commitment and can be closely aligned to research programme goals.

"In addition to the activities organised by the Challenge, we're encouraging researchers who have been to the workshops to identify professional development goals and opportunities, and approach the programme office for funding." he says.

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