Collaboration for success

5 February 2017 | Read time: 2 minutes

Our researchers are learning how stakeholder engagement can help deliver our mission of enhancing physical science and engineering capacity for economic growth.

Developing collaborative relationships for science and engineering was a one day workshop explaining the theory and practice of stakeholder engagement.

Mutually beneficial, enduring relationships with technology end-users and other stakeholders help researchers realise their innovation potential.

The workshop was led by Auckland University’s Kenneth Husted and featured a variety of expert speakers who explained how and why building relationships with stakeholders is important for the Challenge. A variety of useful tools were provided to attendees who spent the afternoon stakeholder planning.

Novices and those experienced in stakeholder engagement are now better equipped to add value to their research, says Capacity Development Advisor Andy Traveller.

“Stakeholder engagement will help us deliver on our mission – it was great to see so many researchers take time out to attend,” he says.