Time is almost up to make the most of our Capacity Development opportunities

31 January 2024 | Read time: 4 minutes

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SfTI supports people as well as science. We offer a comprehensive Capacity Development programme. As we are getting closer to the end of SfTI, we want to remind everyone these are the final months that SfTI-funded researchers can take advantage of the support for Capacity Development. Don't miss out!

Capacity Development to grow our Innovation potential 

SfTI was given its mission by the New Zealand Government to “enhance the capacity of New Zealand to use physical sciences and engineering for economic growth”. This makes SfTI unique in that its mission is explicitly behavioural as well as technical in orientation. 

"We have been looking for that behavioural change to nurture innovative ways of working and thinking for the benefit of Aotearoa. One part of that has been giving the researchers the opportunity and support to develop themselves outside of their technical capabilities. This has been very impactful and so we want as many of you as possible to take advantage of this before the programme comes to an end in June 2024." said SfTI Capacity Development Manager, Raewyn Tse.

SfTI’s Capacity Development programme is supported by funding dedicated to developing the human and relational skills of scientists, which represents a major extension to traditional funding approaches. It recognises that far more than just technical skills are needed to be a successful researcher who produces impactful work. This means you have a few short months to take advantage of this funding to ensure you are set up for success into the future post-SfTI. 

Read our most recent Capacity Development interim report to find out about the impact of our Capacity Development programme.

Last chance to take advantage of this opportunity

If you are a SfTI Funded researcher this is the time to either register for one of our existing Capacity Development opportunities or to take a look at our criteria and find something that we can support you to do in these final months. 

Funding for Capacity Development will end in June 2024. So take a look at what we offer and what other opportunities may be eligible for support. All Capacity Development activities need to be confirmed and paid for before June 2024. 

You can find out about the criteria and how to apply on our Professional Development page. 

Opportunities offered in partnership with KiwiNet 

In partnership with KiwiNet we have several opportunities in the first quarter of 2024. Including:

Rewa Ake - EndUser Discovery workshop series  

This will be useful for any researcher who is considering or developing an idea to market-readiness and wants to get more out of their industry engagement.

Registrations close on the 1st of March.

GetFUNDED in-person workshop that will support researchers in;

- Identifying a value proposition
- Understanding the three ‘abilities’ – Work through Feasibility, Viability and Desirably
- Preparing investment/funding case

This event will be in Auckland on 7th March.

IP Discovery workshop. This will provide training for emerging researchers keen to learn more about Intellectual Property and specifically patent searching. There will be three one-hour online sessions.

Registrations close on 5th March.

Find out more about these and other opportunities on our Professional Development Page