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Dr Amir Haji Rassouliha

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Iranian-born researcher Amir Haji Rassouliha is part of an Auckland Bioengineering Institute team within Auckland University working on a 2016 SfTI SEED project titled A giant leap for small displacements.

Dr Haji Rassouliha has been working with the team to develop a new, patented, platform machine vision technology that can reliably, accurately, and efficiently determine shape, motion, volume and surface deformation data. 

The team’s underlying belief is that enhancing their novel digital image correlation technique enables detection of deformations at sub-milli-pixel resolution using intrinsic or applied small-scale features in many industrial and commercial applications. This unique capability will deliver unprecedented accuracy, equipping partners in a variety of sectors to add value to products and services. 

Initial research has focussed on a range of applications, including:

  • industrial monitoring and maintenance (e.g. crane or wind turbine blade inspection and maintenance)

  • healthcare (e.g. developing new cardiovascular diagnostics devices)

  • agriculture (e.g. improved techniques for fruit sorting). 

Two years on, the team has successfully developed a hierarchical extension of the registration algorithm to more reliably register images with features at multiple scales and/or nonuniform displacements.

Top image: Shows UoA Auckland Bioengineering Institute Giant Leap team members: (L-R) Professor Poul Nielsen, Dr Amir Haji Rassouliha, Associate Professor Andrew Taberner, and Professor Martyn Nash.

SfTI Challenge Theme: Materials, Manufacturing and Design. (Secondary alignment with Information Technology, Data Analytics and Modelling).