Award winning science communications videos from first time directors

15 December 2023 | Read time: 3 minutes

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Following very positive feedback from our 2021 video storytelling workshop with Baz Caitcheon, SfTI offered our researchers another opportunity to learn how to communicate their science to the world quickly and easily with their smartphone.

Ex reality TV producer and veteran cameraman, Baz Caitcheon, yet again took some keen SfTI researchers from filming novices to directors of their own short sci-coms videos in one afternoon. The outcomes were so impressive considering the group was doing this for the first time, that they all received a cash prize to put towards their research and further science communication efforts. 

Meet Baz below and watch the four videos produced by SfTI researchers.  If you are interested in attending a video storytelling workshop please contact our Capacity Development Manager Raewyn.  

Shapeshifting Antennas 

Watch this video created by Dr Yifan Lv from our Ending with Impact project: Shape-shifting antennas for wireless communications. 

Name that bird with acoustic localisation 

Watch this video created by Dr Yusuke Hioka, a SfTI researcher working on a Seed project: Practical solutions for outdoor localisation using acoustics in conservation.

Trust in AI 

Watch this video created by Dr Kelly Blincoe, a researcher working on our Veracity Spearhead research project. 

Mussel farm underwater drone

Watch this video created by Dr Rory Clifford, a researcher working on our Ending with impact project: Unleashing underwater Robots on Aotearoa’s export market.