Reality TV meets hi-tech science video transcript


White screen with Science for Technological Innovation logo and blue title: ‘Communicating your science with Baz Caitcheon’. Title frame disappears to reveal Baz Caitcheon talking to the camera standing in front of a wooden partition. He has on a white shirt and black glasses.

A white and blue title at the bottom right hand corner of the screen says: 'Workshop: communicating your science with Baz Caitcheon'   

Then the shot changes to a still photo of the workshop. You can see researchers sitting around a table with their computers and phones and headphones on - all focussing on their own video editing. The shot zooms in and changes to a different angle.

Then we see footage of one of the researchers filming another researcher with his phone which is mounted on a stabilizing tool which is balanced on his shoulder. They are standing in the foyer of a large building and there are windows behind them. It is from the angle of the person filming and we can see the other research talking and gesticulating with his hands. The video footage then becomes a still of the same two researchers in the same position and we zoom in on the researcher speaking about his science.


[Baz] Scientists are really passionate about what they do. They're often totally in a world of their own. What we're asking our scientists and our researchers to do is give yourself 30 seconds to a minute to be able to describe to me, who knows nothing about your field of interest, what you're doing and how. Keep the language super simple.


We see another still photo of the workshop with the back of Deanna’s head in the foreground. It zooms in and we can see several other researchers all focussed on their video editing and sitting around a large table. The image changes to a still photo of Deanna being filmed by another researcher on her phone. Deanna is smiling and holding a small plastic bag of white polystyrene balls which she is using to explain her research. She stands in front of a wall with a black and white piece of art featuring lines and dots and circles. You can see her through the screen of the other researcher's phone as they are filming them. You can also see that researcher’s hand, holding the phone.

A white and blue title at the bottom right hand corner of the screen says: 'Deanna Atypova PhD Victoria, University of Wellington, Te Herenga Waka' 


[Deanna] You don't want to demolish your own knowledge to the level of simplicity, but you're also trying to be so simple and persuasive to public.


The shot changes to a still photo of a man holding a phone in the foreground and another man in the background reading from some paper. They are both standing by a large window through which you can see outside to a grassy area.

Then a different still photo shows a researcher with long hair filming another researcher with her phone. You can only see the back of the researcher doing the filming and the shot through the screen of her phone. The other researcher is speaking and holding up her hands. She stands against a wall with a colourful abstract piece of art and some white tiles. It zooms in on the shot.

Then we see Baz Caitcheon speaking to the camera again. He is again standing against a wooden partition in a whit shirt and black glasses.


[Baz] Scientists are often post-doctoral and they climb in at a really, really involved deep level, so to get them to suddenly not unpack all that detail, but simply elevator pitch, what are you doing and why should we care?


We see a large projector screen showing the video shot by researcher Leonie Jones in the editing app called Kinemaster. You can see her face on the screen and Baz Caitcheon is standing in front of the screen pointing at some of the app’s editing functions.

A white and blue title at the bottom right hand corner of the screen says: ‘Leonie Jones, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Digital Sensing, Auckland University

The shot changes to video footage of Baz Caitcheon talking to the group of researchers during the workshop. You can see him standing in front of the large projector screen, talking and gesticulating with his hands. The researchers sit around a table and watch.

The shot then changes to a still photo of Deanna again. It is the same shot of Deanna being filmed talking about her science and holding a plastic bag of small white polystyrene balls. You can see clearly that it is Leonie who is filming Deanna on her phone and you can see the side of Leonie standing in front of Deanna.

A transparent white screen covers the image so you can still see the outline of Deanna and Leonie, and light blue text says: ‘’. Followed by dark blue text which says SfTI’s Whakatauākī: ‘He hiringa hangarau, he oranga tangata
Innovation in technology for the benefit of people’.


[Leonie] The work I do has impacts that go across the world, and so having a video format to disseminate my research is gonna be super awesome.